Healthy High Performance Buildings

Our expert team of Designers, and Project and Site Managers have been trained in world leading standards for healthy high performance design and will bring their experience to your project. We strive to help you harness the benefits of healthy high performance design to create high quality environments that will not only reduce running costs but create an outstanding living environment - all done through our fully transparent ‘no worries’ approach.

​​We spend 90% of our time inside - 30% in our bedrooms asleep

Sleep is one of the most important human behaviours - we spend more than 30 years of our lifetime asleep. Sleep protects us from cancer and dementia, reduces the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart attacks and strokes, it also enhances our memory and creativity, lowers food cravings, feel happier, less depressed and anxious.

Neuroscientists have shown the importance of our built environment on our sleep and its quality

Poor air quality and moisture lead to mould, allergies and asthma. Through design and the right choice of materials we can increase the air quality, reduce dust, particulates and humidity to create the optimum living environment for well-being and healthy sleep

Daylight and artificial light if well designed can also contribute to a healthy environment and a good nights sleep

Energy costs have risen by 10% annually over the last decade and this is expected to increase 

Modern construction methods can reduce energy and running costs by 75%

This helps to protect the environment and protect you from rising energy prices






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