When you imagine the home you want to build, you picture yourself already there and the time between now and then is a journey. You want to own the journey, for it to be meaningful and enjoy it too. Bovey Concept is a truly integrated end-to-end design and build approach that does just that. We have refined and proven this over 30 years. We solve the inevitable challenges and complexities that are part of that journey. You get world leading standards in efficiency and health, innovative building design followed by delivery from desire through to building completion.

The Painful High Risk Way

The Bovey Way

Every project starts with a vision.

It is the seed of success.

Design is about capturing this vision. Our clients are motivated to build by a blend of often very personal considerations. Listening is key to developing a successful brief – balancing client ambition against their needs budget, programme, planning and design ideas often requires compromised and expectations need to be well understood.


Clients are almost always constrained by their budget or time available. Understanding the value – not just cost – but how a building translates into real returns doe the client is important to forming the vision and delivering a successful outcome. Just as important as the designs is the design process. Projects are not linear, but organic and fluid and one needs to be inquisitive, proactive, flexible and most important, good at listening! The most common reason for budget overspend is a lack of communication during the early stages about expectation and brief.


By involving all disciplines – designers, engineers and builders – in the design process from the outset, when identifying project aspirations and developing initial designs through to planning stage and production information stage an optimum design can be achieved that holistically considers all aspects of a project and responds to its challenges in the most economic way.  


We employ an integrated, collaborative approach to building design where key principals of healthy, low energy and sustainable design are considered from the outset and where architecture and engineering solutions complement each other to offer outstanding design paired with pragmatic, practical and economic solutions.


Our architect, specialises in Building Biology, an area of architecture that utilises one of the most stringent German standards of healthy building design. He is a regular speaker at conferences like the UK Passivhaus conference, AECB (The Association for Environment Conscious Building) conference and Ecobuild and currently works with the RIVA (The Royal Institute of British Architects) to deliver Passivhaus seminars on their CPD (Continuing Professional Development) programme. He is a chartered member of the RIBA and ARB (Architects Registration Board), Certified Building Biologist and Certified Passivhaus Designer.

Listening. Understanding. Communicating. Delivering. 







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